From Full-time Plastic Surgeon to Part-time Developer!

Mobile Home University : Victory Day for Vijay and Sumeet

In World War II, V-Day was the day that Germany surrendered and victory was proclaimed. In this event, we interview Vijay and Sumeet on their victory in buying four parks in less than one year. Discussions include how they found each property, how they financed them, what the turn-around plan was, lessons learned, amount of time spent in managing them, and related topics that will be greatly of interest in evaluating whether or not to invest in mobile home parks.

Life Bridge Capital: Surgeon Turned Successful Mobile Home Parks Investor

There is always an opportunity to grow when you know how to find it or even create it. In this episode, we speak to Sumeet Makhijani and he talks about his journey from being a professional to investing in real estate. Sumeet details how he saw an opportunity to make money through the industry.